We’re still eagerly awaiting the Aston Martin Rapide, but before we see a production car, many questions still have to be answered. Here are some (but nowhere near all) answers.

Production will begin next summer in Austria. The car will be made by the manufacturer Magna because Aston cannot currently does not have the capacity to build the sedan at its English home in Gayton. The car will keep its glass roof from the concept, but will possibly offer a long wheelbase version for more legroom (just like the BMW offering the Li on the 7-Series or Jaguar offering Vanden Plas for the XJ). We still expect the the car to borrow the 6.0-liter V12 from the DB9, possibly upgraded to 500 hp.

What still remains a big mystery is the price. The range has could have the Rapide go for as little as the high $100,000 figures, or if rumors about Aston Martin going upmarket are true, the price could be as high as $400,000. We’re hoping that the decision to have Magna build the cars means the Rapide will have sufficient production numbers to keep the price (relatively) affordable.


Source: Autoweek.nl

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