It’s coming soon so get ready for your best Steve McQueen impersonation

There’s been a lot of whispers surrounding a potential return of the “Bullitt” name to the Ford Mustang catalog. We first caught wind of this after seeing a window sticker back in October of what looked like a Bullitt-spec ‘Stang. That was followed by photos shared by one of the forum goers at Mustang6G last week of a car that looked eerily like a Bullitt Mustang, right down to the famous Dark Highland Green (DHG body finish. Not content with these sightings, eagle-eyed observers have once again captured a peculiar Mustang on the road, and from the looks of things, this car could very well be the 2018 Ford Bullitt Mustang.

More Shots of a new Bullitt Mustang Provide Confirmation of its Existence
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The latest batch of spy photos taken of the car in driving around Chicago is the first definitive look we get of the next Bullitt Mustang

I have to apologize for being a little too excited about this development. It’s been nine years since Ford launched the first Bullitt version of the iconic muscle car so you can understand why this is such a big deal for some people, especially those who have a life-long lovefest with anything related to Steve McQueen. While I don’t count myself in that group, I understand the significance of a Bullitt Mustang. It’s only been done once in the muscle car’s history, and it’s almost been a decade since we last saw it.

The latest batch of spy photos taken of the car in driving around Chicago is the first definitive look we get of the next Bullitt Mustang. It’s wearing the iconic Dark Highland Green paint finish that was made famous in the Steve McQueen movie Bullitt from which the car gets its name. It also looks to have Recaro seats, red Brembo brake calipers, black exhaust tips, and that fake gas cap that was seen on the leaked sketchboard images that we saw earlier this year.

To be fair, Ford has neither confirmed nor denied the existence of a new Bullitt Mustang. But after seeing these new photos, it’s hard to imagine this particular Mustang being anything other than the version we’ve all been waiting for. The man who took the photos even said that it was taken while the car was in a photo shoot or a commercial. It makes me wonder then if this commercial was being shot with the intent of showing it in a big event that’s coming up in the next few months. It feels a little too late for Christmas and New Year’s Day, but there is that one sporting event coming in February where all these new commercials come out.

Could we expect this commercial for the 2018 Bullitt Mustang to come out during Super Bowl LII?


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2018 Ford Mustang High Resolution Exterior
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