Okay, let’s do the math on Dany Bahar, the suspended CEO for Lotus, and see where we stand so far. First, he is generally regarded as an overall jackass by a large number of automotive media members. Secondly, he decided to rant on Facebook whining about us media folk speculating on the sale of Lotus and the failing company’s overall health. Lastly, he was “temporarily suspended” while an investigation for undisclosed reasons goes on.

The latter of these issues we thought was mostly tied into his general character combined with his child-like Facebook post. New details have come to the front that show his suspension is for far worse reasons than just a flame-post on a social media board. It turns out that Lotus has been footing the bill for Bahar to rent two houses, which is not uncommon for a CEO, but what is uncommon is a £375,000 ($589,000) builder’s bill for renovations to said rental house that was paid by Lotus.

Obviously Lotus shut off that leaky water valve at one point, leaving £92,000 ($144,450) of a builder’s bill unpaid, resulting in Bahar being taken to High Court, according to reports. So now this suspended CEO may be in for a little more than just jabs from us media folk as he may be in for some criminal charges, if he is found to have defrauded Lotus.

Then again, Bahar collecting his minimal pay package of £1.2 million ($1.48 million) after sending Lotus further into ruins since he took over in 2009 is fraud enough for us. So it looks like we are not quite done talking about Bahar yet and he will likely not go away quietly, given his loudmouth reputation. We will let you know the second we know more about this ongoing story.


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  (1) posted on 06.1.2012

What an ill-informed, spiteful and typical piece of gutter press. Pure speculation on the part of the author and without any thought for the damage that such ill-considered garbage has on one of the few remaining British car brands or the dedicated staff who work for them.
Having seen many reports on this subject -this is the worst!

  (1) posted on 06.1.2012

What a thoroughly nasty personal attack. Do you know the guy personally?

Whatever he has done is still just provisional speculation even if you have seen it printed or published elsewhere as nothing has been "officially" released, and Mr Bahar has 14 days to defend himself from the accusation.

I notice you have tagged this article with "Funny". I can’t imagine that it is particularly funny for Lotus staff worrying about the future.

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