AeroMax to go into production

What started as a one off, is now going to be made into a production model, the Morgan AeroMax launched in 2008.

Morgan Aero Max, from concept to real car.

It was a car that was originally built for a Prince, yes that’s right Prince Eric I Sturdza, President of the Switzerland based bank, Bating Brothers ordered a one touring car from the Worcester based car company.

The car which to all intent and purposes was built to the Princes exact requirements the frame being built from ash, the use of specially produced leather, and virtually every extra imaginable were all crammed into the little sports car that was powered by a powerful BMW V8 engine, yet because of the lightweight design this Morgan soon managed to clock up some impressive acceleration and tops speeds, which make this car one of the fastest cars in Europe.

Now this car of course is a special one off version, but Morgan have realised that this car would be a great car for the market in the US as well as Europe, therefore they will be bringing their car into product at the beginning of 2008.

Now due the fact that these cars are more or less hand built, the company can only produce between one and two a week, so as you can imagine there will be a waiting list limited to one hundred models priced at around £94,000 ($183,827) production will end in 2009, which is Morgan’s centenary year.

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