The 2015 Geneva Auto Show is nearly here, as it kicks off for the media on March 3rd and the general public on March 5th. There are tons of debuts scheduled for the event, one of which happens to be a new Morgan. Morgan, which is best known for its retro-inspired creations, appears to be rolling into Geneva with yet another classic-looking piece with modern greasy bits.

From the shadowy image that the small British automaker released, I can see that this is an extreme cab-rearward design, which leads me to believe that this is a modified version of the Aero Coupe with a notchback instead of the typical fastback look. The seats sit just fore of the rear axle, while the hood is seemingly a mile long. The sides are accented by a swoopy sill that starts from the front wheel arch and slowly descends as it stretches back to the rear fender. This thing looks like it’s straight from a 1930’s gangster movie and should have some short-fused dude named Bugsie driving it.

In the video below, we also get a nice look at its interior and an earful of its burbling exhaust note. Clearly, this thing is packing some turbocharged heat, with the likely candidate being a BMW-sourced twin-turbo V-8.

Stay tuned, as this model will debut in just a few days, and we’ll be sure to bring you all of the details.

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Why it matters

It’s not too often that Morgan debuts a new car, and this one looks like it might be worth the wait. From the sounds of it, this retro rig is rocking a turbocharged V-8 that is sure to be good for at least 500 horsepower and a million smiles as you cruise it down a long, straight stretch of road. Judging by its hood, however, it may be a little trickier in the twisties, but Morgan will do all it can to make it a fun car in all driving conditions.

Morgan Teases Its Geneva Debut: Video

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