As you know, a car maker may recall some of their cars if they find some problems in every day use. Sometimes these problems may be very serious and can put your life in danger, but sometimes the problems are only minor. A serious maker has to be very prompt in order to eliminate any possible problems.

Many of the cars are now recalled, but this is not allays a bad thing. Some of the makers refuse to admit problems to their cars so this may be a good thing, were the maker is very careful with the clients.

Most-Recalled Cars in 2006
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The problems appear when a car model endures too many recalls. The guys form Forbes studied the NHTSA’s recall numbers for 2006 models and they found which are the most recalled vehicles sold in the U.S. . In the first place, one very undesirable is the Dodge Ram with seven recalls. But this is not all for DaimlerChrysler. The third place goes to Dodge Durano with six recalls. I’m asking how many of Dodge customers are still driving a hired car or they take the subway? Next are the Chevrolet Silverado with 4 recalls, Honda civic with 4, Hyundai Sonata, Jeep Liberty and also Land rover LR3 and Range Rover with 4.

Most-Recalled Cars in 2006
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On the other end is the Toyota Camry how was recalled only once because of a misprinted spare tire guide which could, potentially, lead to an accident if improper equipment was installed

Here are the reasons for Dodge Ram’s recalls
Recalls concerned:

  • Faulty anti-lock brake electronic control units
  • Defective front suspensions
  • Airbags that could deploy with excessive force
  • Transfer cases on four-wheel drive models that may inadvertently shift to neutral and cause parked vehicles to roll away
  • Seatbelts that may not be able to secure certain child seats
  • Missing pieces of exterior lighting
  • Defective rearview mirrors

Source: Forbes

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  (534) posted on 03.3.2010

Well, I guess Toyota has now made the new record as they have millions of cars to recall this year from all over the world. Cause of the faulty gas pedal and other issues with the Prius, they are forced to pull out cars from all owners and dealers all over the world. I don’t think they have recovered or finished with recalling just yet.

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