Lots of cold air and moisture wreaks havoc across several states

Folks living on the East Coast are enduring a three-hit combo from the weather right now, with high winds, lots of precipitation, and icy temperatures overlapping to create one helluva knockout punch. The pictures and video are dramatic, showing cars either frozen solid, or up to their bumper in water.

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A positively massive winter storm is ravaging the entire Eastern Seaboard right now, affecting folks everywhere from Florida up to New England. CBS reports that at least 21 deaths have been attributed to the storm thus far.

The storm first hit Florida a few days ago, and is currently making its way north. Along with the heavy snow and rain, the storm is bringing hurricane-force winds with gusts over 70 mph. Some places have got as much as 18 inches of snow, with even Tallahassee and south-east Georgia getting a good amount of the white stuff.

In Brant Rock, Massachusetts, storm surges are pummeling coastal towns, with massive flooding filling the streets. In Boston, flooding combined with freezing temperatures have created an astonishing scene, with rows of parked cars stuck bumper deep in ice on the frigid streets. CNN is reporting some residents are without heat, electricity, and water.

Stay safe out there, folks.

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