Sure beats flower delivery, doesn’t it?

Happy Mother’s Day, TopSpeeders! Have you called your Mom yet? Maybe you took her out for brunch? Perhaps you baked her some delicious treats? Whatever you did to show your appreciation, I’m sure it was just fine. However, the guy in this featured video went above and beyond. You see, he spent roughly a year saving up to buy his mama her dream car, then tracked it down and gifted it to her in this emotion-filled video.

The car in question appears to be a Saab 99 from the mid ‘70s, coated in a deep shade of orange. The whole thing looks surprisingly clean, down to the polished chrome trim. Even the interior is spotless, including the oversized steering wheel and upholstery. Regardless of the car’s condition, Mom seems overjoyed by the present, and it’s a heartwarming moment for all involved. And as a side note, kudos to Mom for having such a unique taste in automobiles!


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