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When it comes to bringing a car back from the brink, there are plenty of folks out there to look to as a good example - at least as far as internal combustion is concerned. That said, the ICE is slowly (but surely) giving way to electric power, which begs the question: what happens to the art of the restoration when batteries run the world? This man has the answer. His name is Rich, and he likes to rebuild Teslas.

“Tesla’s stance in rebuilding vehicles is only they should do it,” Rich explains. “I would say I’m the first person to bring a Tesla that’s completely dead to running and driving, almost showroom floor quality, independently, by themselves. At this point, I would consider myself the Dr. Frankenstein of Teslas.”

We certainly think that’s an appropriate title. Rich’s brilliance is in his deep understanding of how America’s most popular all-electric car works. Not only does he source all his own parts, but he singlehandedly wrenches them into shape. The end result is nothing less than amazing.

Rich shares his work on his YouTube channel Rich Rebuilds, posting video topics that include how-to’s, upgrades, tear downs, and a whole lot more. We love his DIY attitude, not to mention the fact he’s pretty much the only mechanic out there that we know of who’s going this deep on Teslas.

“If you own something, if you purchase something free and clear, then you should be able to fix it yourself,” Rich says.

Amen to that.

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