A lot of people may not have a clue who Motive is – no, they’re not a band as some people have suggested – but one thing’s becoming apparently clear: the little Canadian automaker with the little EV city car, the Kestrel, is looking to make a big name in the auto industry.

It’s no secret that with an upstart brand like Motive, the most important thing is for them to get noticed, and the company is hoping that the Kestrel is their ticket to doing so. Made out of bio-fiber-based composite, the Kestrel is ridiculously light, weighing only 850 kg. More to that, the materials used for the car are said to, in addition to the reduction of the weight, be rust-proof, as well as increase impact absorption. As for its performance, the Kestrel is said to come with a lithium-ion battery that runs with a driving range of 100 miles and a top speed of 84 mph.

With the Kestrel, Motive is hoping to strengthen the increasing possibility of having EV cars in Canada. Motive, through a group that call themselves ‘Project Eve’, is pushing EV cars in the Great White North in an effort to promote cleaner city driving in the future. "We believe this is an important step for Canada and are extremely happy to be a part of such an innovative group of companies,” said Motive president Nathan Armstrong.


Source: Motive

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