Is the baby M everything it’s cracked up to be?

Say what you will about BMW’s tendency to cut costs any chance it gets, but when it comes to the BMW M2, you hardly feel any of it. That’s because the M2, despite not actually having an M-specific engine to call it’s own, is arguably the best M car in the performance division’s lineup today. It’s clearly the most affordable, a status that comes with being the smallest M car in the family. But even with its size, is it really that much less of an M car as its big brother, the M4?

The folks over at Motor Trend sought to find an answer to that question and in true Jason Cammisa fashion, he managed to get his point across while still injecting a does or two of the sophomoric humor he’s become quite famous for. Together with ace racer and SCCA Hall of Fame inductee Randy Pobst, the two start off by taking both the M2 and the M4 for a lap around the Streets of Willow. Once the time laps were posted, Cammisa spent some time pouring over the details of the M2 with the kind of musings that only he can think of. Give him credit because he does make some astute points about the M2’s place in the hierarchy of all M models, and in the end, he does have an answer to the question posed above.

Think what you will of the BMW M2, but when you consider that it actually succeeded the universally loved 1 Series M Coupe, there are valid reasons why people want to know if the successor is as good as its predecessor. Check out this very interesting episode of Ignition to get your answer.


2016 - 2018 BMW M2 High Resolution Exterior
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