Two sedans, two powertrain philosophies, one winner

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – we’re living in some very interesting times. As battery and electric motor technology continue to improve, the internal combustion status quo is feeling the heat. Whether its setting records at the Nurburgring or challenging for the win at Pikes Peak, the all-electric performance revolution is undoubtedly here. And that battle extends well beyond the racetrack – the Tesla Model S is now setting the benchmark when it comes to street-ready luxury sedan performance, leaving the dino-juice-drinking competition to answer the call. And to see exactly how far the Ludicrous+ mobile has come, Motor Trend decided to pit it against the Audi RS7, a ‘Bahn-burning AWD monster from Germany. It’s an electric charge against an entrenched ICE line in a battle for four-door supremacy. Who will come out on top?

The battery of tests includes a stint on the streets of L.A., an exterior walkaround, a cargo capacity test, a highway cruise, and a drag race. I won’t spoil which car comes out on top, but will say it’s worth a watch.


Tesla Model S Gallery

Audi RS7 Gallery

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