• Motor Trend’s Head 2 Head Takes A Look At The Audi TTS And The Alfa Romeo 4C: Video

Both sports cars offer something to the table. But which one has more to offer?

Head 2 Head’s Jason Cammisa and Jonny Lieberman are good at their jobs even though they sometimes spend too much time cracking jokes and doing gimmicks that take away from what they do best: review cars. This episode of Head 2 Head contains more of the same but, to their credit, they found a way to keep the jokes down and focus on giving us an insightful episode centered on the new Audi TTS and the Alfa Romeo 4C, two of today’s most appealing compact sports cars, and how both cars stack up against each other.

The two are joined by resident test driver and acclaimed racer Randy Pobst and, together, all three dissect the pros and cons of both the TTS and the 4C, right down to the dramatic styling differences between the two cars. In that sense, Camissa and Liebermann are right. The Audi and the Alfa Romeo look nothing alike as both embody the stereotypes of German engineering and Italian flair, respectively. Once the chit-chat was done, the hosts proceeded to get to the important part of the episode. They put both the TTS and the 4C through the ringer in a series of challenges to determine which car scored higher in a specific task.

All told, it’s a very insightful episode, as is always the case with Head 2 Head. Cammisa and Liberman even behaved themselves, at least for the part. In any case, it wouldn’t be fair to reveal the verdict here because there’s a lot of information that the host poured over. Instead of spoiling, I invite everyone to just sit back and enjoy the 23-minute episode.

Audi TTS

2016 - 2018 Audi TT High Resolution Exterior
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Alfa Romeo 4C

2014 Alfa Romeo 4C High Resolution Exterior Wallpaper quality
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