Here is some more footage to the famous Ferrari Enzo crash:

Want to know what it like to see your Ferrari Enzo valued at 1 and a half million dollars crashed by some unexperienced spoiled actor (Eddie Griffin)that has no business driving such a vehicle without getting the proper training?

Ask the owner of the movie Enzo named Daniel Sadek. It his comments with Fox 29 news, Mr Sadek keeps his cool and reacts the way he should. He states "that he is has happy that Griffin was ok" and that his feels bad for his Enzo. Without cameras on him, Im sure he was really angered. I guess you won’t see Sadek lending out his exotics to anyone anymore. Good thing there is plenty of footage of this for insurance purposes!

Also let this be a lesson people when you have rare car don’t just let some random driver step into your prized rare possesion.

[Footage Via Fox 29 News]


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