With the new MTM S5 GT Supercharged, the German tuner obtained an astonishing 505 hp out of the Audi 4.2 liter V8 which is now capable to push the car from 0-100 km/h in 4.3 seconds while the top speed is 300+ km/h.

MTM S5 GT Supercharged based on the Audi S5
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The tuning company did not modify the bodykit, just added a new set of 21” alloy wheels and an impressive exhaust system in order to deliver a new sound but also more power.Also the braking system is impressive due to the fact that the vehicle is capable to stop from 100 km/h in about 35 m.

Press release:
Motoren Technik Mayer from Wettstetten, Germany, puts the Audi S5 under pressure. As “MTM GT Supercharged” the sporty coupe’s supercharged engine demonstrates impressive performance data. Together with bigger brakes, a coilover suspension and other minor changes, the result is an overall package which can take on the race track.


Watch out, when it gets loose! At the slightest pressure on the accelerator the MTM S5 GT Supercharged rockets forward with brute force. The compressor added to the Audi 4.2 liter V8 by MTM is what makes this possible. An MTM intercooler housing with integrated water cooling ensures that the engine can always generate maximum performance. Overall, instead of the stock 354 hp, there is now all of 505 horsepower at 7190 rpm available. This makes an engine output of 120 hp per liter! The torque boost by 106 to 546 Nm emerges in vehement intermediate bursts, to which the driver can get addicted. The sprint from 0-100 km/h takes 4.3 seconds, turning many super sports cars green with envy. And up to its top speed of 300 km/h it can hold its own with any of them.

MTM S5 GT Supercharged based on the Audi S5
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mtm audi s5

The evenly powerful, dynamic power display is underscored by a flow-optimized stainless steel sports exhaust system. The goose pimple-raising sound is released by four tailpipes, each 90 mm in diameter.

Curve-hugging and agile

MTM equipped its GT Supercharged with a perfectly tuned coilover suspension and in addition amended the axle geometry with higher camber angles. After the change, its driving dynamism and curve-hugging characteristics are so pronounced you never want to drive straight-ahead again. The steering characteristics are more precise and the agility enhanced, while road handling remains quite neutral.


Since a performance-enhanced vehicle also has to be reined in quickly, MTM improved the brake performance, too. Consequently MTM always provides the appropriate brake system for cars of all performance classes.

MTM S5 GT Supercharged based on the Audi S5
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s5 by mtm

In the case of MTM GT Supercharged, the Bavarian specialists upgraded the deceleration with a new brake system on the front axle. This is a brake system with 8-piston fixed calipers and 380x34 mm pitted brake discs. The package includes the flexible steel lines and attachments. With the system the driver can decelerate the MTM GT Supercharged from 100-0 km/h within about 35 m.

The “pitted” brake discs incidentally represent a special design, manufactured especially for MTM. Typical of “pitted” brake discs are the holes which do not completely penetrate the disc. They look like and share the characteristics of a perforated disc, but hinder the crack formation which normally occurs after lengthy use.

The small difference

Optically the GT Supercharged does not look very different from the series model. Here MTM has gone in for understatement. Nevertheless – apart from the MTM exhaust system’s pipes – the “bimoto” MTM rims take care of a look clearly distinguished from the series.

MTM S5 GT Supercharged based on the Audi S5
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audi v8

The eye-catching wheels are available in “shiny silver”, “titanium” and “diamond cut” finishes. MTM provides the “bimoto” rim for the S5 – as for other A5 models too – in 10.5x21” as a complete rim set together with 295/25/ZR21 tires.

At MTM the general rule is: special wishes are met. Customization is also carried out on an individual basis!

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AK47  (1024) posted on 05.28.2008

You people do realize that 35metres is somewhere around 120feet. I doubt that can be classified as impressive. The output per litre is impressive, the 4.3, not so much. The car looks good though.

And exactly what supercar are you talking about when you say they will go green with envy with the 4.3?

Skytech  (11) posted on 05.28.2008

A real monster, an other rocket on the road.

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