Lamborghini has used the "SV" name for a while on its cars. It usually means a higher performance version of the car, and it usually comes towards the end of the car’s life. The last time Lambo used the name SV, which stands for "Sport Veloce" (or Sport Fast), was on the Diablo. This car used the Diablo VT’s power and performance upgrades but saved weight by ditching the VT’s all-wheel drive system.

Now that the Murcielago’s replacement is on the way, the SV name has been resurrected. Unlike the Diablo SV, the Murcielago SV will retain the all-wheel drive system, but there should still be a weight savings of about 100 kg (220 lbs.) with the use of carbon fiber panels. There should also be an increase of about 30 hp over the standard LP640. The 662 hp SV should be good for a 0-60 time of 3.2 seconds.

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For those who think that a Murcielago looks too ordinary for daily use (these are the same people who think hot pink leather pants are appropriate churchware,) the SV may help them become more conspicuous. The car is supposed to come with especially shiny black paintwork as well as an optional large “SV” graphic like the Diablo version.

We should get our first official glimpse of the LP670-4 SV in March at the Geneva Motor Show. The car will be limited to only 350 units. Deliveries should begin in June with a price tag of around $400,000 to $420,000.


Source: Ferrari Chat

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