Nothing tickles our fancy more than watching two of the most iconic American muscle cars - the Ford Mustang and the Chevy Camaro - go toe-to-toe. But, and this is a big ’but’, this one isn’t one of them.

You see, while they do possess the Camaro and Mustang plates, the former is actually the almighty ZL1 whereas the latter is the Boss 302 Laguna Seca. Sure, the 302 packs quite a punch, thanks to its 444-horsepower output. But it’s still no match for the top-end 580-horsepower Camaro ZL1.

This episode of Motor Trend’s "Head 2 Head" dives into the comparison between the American machines with pro race driver Randy Pobst taking both cars for hot laps around the Inde Motorsports Ranch in Willcox, AZ to find out which of these modern muscle cars will have supreme bragging rights over the other.

Something tells us that we already know what Pobst will say in the video, but regardless, it still makes for a compelling watch, especially if you’re actually in the market for a muscle car.

Now let’s see them put the Camaro ZL1 against the Mustang Shelby 500GT. Now that’s a showdown we’d love to see.


Source: Motor Trend

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  (762) posted on 07.3.2012

Ford looks a lot stronger.

  (402) posted on 06.29.2012

I don’t like their external appearance; they’re not just my type.

  (630) posted on 05.31.2012

This is my first time to watch muscle cars share roads in racing. Chevrolet really rocks and leave the Mustang Boss behind trails and eating dust. 

  (502) posted on 05.29.2012

It would be boring if they don’t put one car into rivalry with a weaker one. That’s why they’ve chosen these two automotive which are similarly powerful and competitive.

  (570) posted on 04.16.2012

It’s more like a showdown of unattractive muscle cars. Anyhow, they were great in performance.

  (595) posted on 04.12.2012

On the looks, I can’t even choose any. When it comes to performance, I say I’d prefer the Ford as it was more competitive.

  (453) posted on 03.21.2012

I have truly enjoyed watching the video. That was a great show.

  (762) posted on 03.19.2012

Having this cars race, you can really see the similarities. It depends on their looks and what they’re made of.

  (728) posted on 03.16.2012

It seems like these cars are relatives; their exteriors are almost the same. The competition truly depends under their hoods.

  (532) posted on 03.14.2012

Ah, another friendly competition. I can’t choose, really. They’re of the same built and performance, maybe I should discover more about them.

  (559) posted on 03.13.2012

That was an amazing friendly competition. There isn’t much to say, both cars are similar in performance quality.

  (449) posted on 03.12.2012

Neither of these two is even my type of a car; although the manufacturers have tried hard to style them, their looks are still bland. However, the performances are truly amazing; I must admit.

  (58) posted on 03.10.2012

Wow this was a waste of manpower, time, money and film. If your going to compare something compare Apples to Apples not Apples to Oranges....

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