When comes about summer driving, there’s nothing more fun than a convertible. It promises soft breezes, sunshine and adventure — even when it’s just parked at the curb. And America’s best selling drop-top is no one else than the Mustang Convertible.

"The Mustang convertible is the No. 1-selling convertible in the U.S.," said Robert Parker, the car marketing manager for Ford. It’s been that way since 2004. And this year, the Mustang convertible continues to gallop past its competitors by better than a 2-1 margin.

The Mustang Convertible was sold in 12,829 units though April, easily more than the Toyota Camry (5,990), the Pontiac G6 (5,525) the Chrysler PT Cruiser (4,781) or the Volkswagen Beetle (3, 881).

"There aren’t many four-seat convertibles that cost less than 30 grand and none of them have the alluring character of the Mustang. The looks are undeniably nostalgic, and in V-8 GT form, it’s got the burbly muscle-car soundtrack of a bygone era. We want one," wrote the editors.

"Mustangs are all tied up with our youth and freedom and fun. For nostalgia reasons alone, we could enjoy this car…it drives well, in an all-natural, whole-grain, stone-ground sort of way…lots of rear-drive trustworthiness here. The brakes are especially firm…The big V6 is strong, producing the best 0-to-60 times at 7.3 seconds. It’s also loud and crude-sounding…Today’s machinery in a 1960s wrapper…rear passenger space is short on legroom…this pony feels a bit coarse around the edge…"

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