Mustang Drift: Japan

Falken drifter and Ford factory driver Vaughn Gittin Jr. recently made a trip across the Pacific with a purpose built 2010 Mustang in order to fulfill a longtime dream, drift in Japan. JR is the only American driver to win a D1 event, and because of this he is in league all his own. Follow Vaughn and his new ride as they travel Japan in search of sports roots; watch as he gets a taste for the togue, drifts the docks of Osaka and attends his first real Japanese drift day.

So check out the video after the jump, or follow the link below.

Source: FORD

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  (806) posted on 03.2.2010

well isn’t that to heavy for drifting? i guess they really put their time and dedication to lighten up the mustang.

  (318) posted on 05.26.2009

In fact JR was one of two drivers to take delivery of a Ford Mustang GT to compete in drifting events for the 2005 season. The car was extensively modified to suit his full-throttle drifting style, including an installation of a supercharger to give out 750 bhp (560 kW) altogether. This paid off when he finished fourth at the end of the 2005 season in Formula D. Later in the year, at the D1GP US vs Japan competition in 2005, he defied expectations by defeating a host of top-seeded Japanese D1 drivers including Youichi Imamura

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