Do you remember when you were a little kid and you have to do tones of homework for the next day, but on TV was your favorite cartoon? What good excuse you had for your teacher: "My dog eat my homework..." Well, what about "My dog was driving car when it crashed?"

Is not a joke. This happened in Georgia... The owner of the dog left it in the car and go to work. And loving his dog he left the engine and the air conditioner running because of the heat. But, a few minutes later neighbors swo a dog behind the wheel of the car smashing into a Cumming house and after that crashing into another car parked in the garage.

Neighbors believe the dog somehow knocked the vehicle out of park and sent it careening into the house. One of them said, "The puppy was jumping around and hit the gas pedal and it started going."

No one was injured. Thanks God! Can you image the dog going to prison if someone had been hurt?

Source: Local 6

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