Bimmerpost was kind enough to share these photos of what we can only imagine as theBMW car that has everybody buzzing.

Mystery Beamer concept car spotted ahead of Frankfurt Motor Show
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If our hunch is correct, this prototype vehicle could very well be on its way to the Frankfurt Motorshow where BMW is set to officially launch its EfficientDynamics Vision concept, which was announced only a fortnight ago by BMW big wig Klaus Draeger.

We don’t want to make any rash assumptions on what this car is but from our observation; it looks like a four-door model, which goes against earlier reports that the car BMW was working on as its prototype ‘green’ car was a two-door version. Like we said, we’ll reserve our judgments until BMW lifts the covers out of this mysterious vehicle. Besides, there’s still a lot to be discussed about BMW’s new technology, which it says will “demonstrate how efficient a sports car can be".

They seem to have hit on something with that statement so we’re just going to wait for them elaborate on that. Nevertheless, we can’t wait for the Frankfurt Motor Show to come and we bet that we’re not the only ones sharing this sentiment.


Source: Bimmerpost

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Uncia  (868) posted on 08.6.2009

How many models can a luxury brand have? Let me guess, it’s a 7-series granturismo, and they’re going to call it something lame like "sports-luxury-activity-wagon". More like "car-that-is-made-to-l ook-like-it-has-more-c argo-room-than-it-does -that-we-call-somethin g-exiting-so-that-it-w ill-look-less-boring-t han-it-is-so-we-can-ri p-you-off". Give me a break.

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