• Naked lady in gold Stiletto heels and a Ferrari

It’s a story spreading across the web. As we feel an obligation to keep you fully informed of all things automotive, we see it as our duty to tell you the story:
Seems, according to the British news service Reuters, that a lady stopped at the German equivalent of a convenience store in a small town in Eastern Germany. She went into the store to buy cigarettes,
Wearing gold stiletto heels and a gold bracelet.
Only gold stiletto heels and a gold bracelet, that is.
She made the purchase, exited, and got into the passenger’s side of a Ferrari. 
The store clerk said it’s happened before and that she’s “a very nice woman.”
The Ferrari was not further described.
There were alert people in the store who shot some pictures.
They do have the lady in them, of course. But we know you’re really only interested in whether we’re right about the car.

Does that not look like a Modena to you?

Source: Bild

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Ferrari330P4  (36) posted on 07.25.2007

It is obviously a F430

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