Sometimes you just can’t trust new friends. The Fiat Group was looking to keep the names of some of its future cars under wraps, but Chrysler accidentally let a few of the names go when it presented its viability plan to the U.S. Treasury earlier this week. It seems that Alfa Romeo will be shifting to using names instead of numbers for the replacements for the 147 and 159.

Names of next Alfa Romeo models revealed by mistake
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According to Chrysler’s document, the next 147 will be called Millano, and the next 159 will carry the name Giulia. The Millano will be a particularly important car for Alfa because it may join the Fiat 500 in the U.S. by 2010. The Giulia is supposed to follow one year later in Europe with a 2011 introduction.

The source of these new names from Alfa may be coming from a few marketeers throwing darts at a map of Italy. Millano is a city (Milan), and Giulia is a region in Italy. This is not the beginning of Alfa Romeo using Italian geography; the MiTo is named after Millano and Torino.


Source: Automotive News

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Chachmin  (17) posted on 02.19.2009

Well, proper Italian cars deserve proper Italian names, don’t they? :P

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