For all the good vibes and positive press Naomi Campbell received for her partnership with Lotus in helping raise money for the people of Haiti, she pretty much threw away in a slight fit of anger.

Reports are now coming in that Naomi Campbell is wanted by the NYPD for questioning regarding an incident with her driver as they were driving through New York City. This, apparently, all stems from allegations made by the driver that Campbell struck him so hard that his face slammed against the steering of the Cadillac Escalade he was driving the supermodel in.

The driver then stopped the car and reported the incident to a traffic enforcer, at which point Campbell had already left the Escalade on foot.

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Police spokesman Paul Browne said that “an individual who said he was driving as the chauffeur for the model Naomi Campbell reported to a traffic enforcement officer... that she had assaulted him by hitting him in the back of the neck, causing his head to hit the steering wheel."

Meanwhile, a spokesman for Campbell refuted the allegations against her boss, saying that there was more to the story "than meets the eye.”

We don’t know exactly what that means but we do know that this negative publicity is the last thing the British model wants, especially after all the good press she’s been getting recently.

Source: Channel News Asia

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  (780) posted on 03.28.2010

Well, I’m definite that by the time they tell her story, it is already planned and maybe fabricated. Anyhow, if it was true, any celebrity doesn’t have the right to hurt anyone. If it were true, I hope that she gets a big fine for it and that she publicly apologize to the driver. That is just so wrong.

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