When he was the boss at Home Depot, Robert Nardelli initially grew the business by building stores. But when Lowes got to be too much for him, he started cutting costs and the first people to suffer were the people who had worked for the company for several years. They got replaced by people less experienced, less knowledgeable and less well paid. 
Nardelli was hired by Chrysler to be its boss, and the announcement of his position was made on Monday.
Apparently, Chrysler executives aren’t stupid.
The Detroit News this morning reported that there is so much concern at “the new Chrysler” that the company has instituted a policy designed to prevent white collar workers from leaving. An e-mail from Chrysler to the white collar staff has specifically stated that requests by Chrysler employees to interview either at Chrysler Financial or at Mercedes-Benz, U.S.A. “are currently not advised.”
Business experts were critical, doubting that Chrysler could enforce the requirement and pointing out that employees could also look for jobs at other companies. Indeed, according to the analysis by business experts, those who are the most important employees are the most likely to be able to find jobs elsewhere, so may be among the first to abandon ship.
And it’s only Wednesday.
The party’s just beginning.

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