• NASA’s terrestrial vehicle engineered to overtake sound

    NASA vehicle

NASA has been the course via which mankind has for all these ages gone into space, disembarked on the moon, and done some much-needed outer space walking and floating gymnastic feats. Its space rockets boast of several thousands of horsepower and million torques which assists them in the escape from the gravitational pull of the earth and to overcome the drag generated by the planet’s atmosphere.

So what comes about if you attempt to drive such a vehicle horizontally rather than vertically? You’ll end up having the travel of your lifetime.

In an effort to smash the existing land speed record of 763 mph, Gary Faules, NASA Mentor Director, is gearing up his ’fast’ vehicle. Hold your breath, since here’s the moment where we discuss its specifications and statistics.

Gary’s jet fighter for the road, will exercise a J-79 turbojet engine which was used in the F-4 Phantom. In addition, they say it will use a ’small’ 6,000-pound thrust liquid propellant motor to boost the speed to assist Gary, achieve the landmark of 800 mph. So, how much power then?

39,000 hp!

For a vehicle that weighs 13,000 pounds and puts forward 39,000 hp, fuel-consumption figures are hardly a consideration. However, fifty gallons for a mile (50 gpm and not 50 mpg) is what will block you from taking it out on the freeway or to the local instant-coffee place. The 70-foot blaze that emerges out the err.. big tailpipe, has the possibility of scarring living things like humans who can mistake the vehicle for a big-sized meteorite.

The automobile would cost 10 million dollars that includes developmental, engineering and non-recurring costs. The whole topspeed team wishes this brave man Gary, all the very best, and we desire that he can break the record and perhaps grant us a free test drive at a future date.


Source: Automotto

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  (520) posted on 07.14.2008

if they put wings on that vehicle they could fly smiley

MadTourist  (48) posted on 07.13.2008

Cool pictures...if only I could see them.

notjustshrawan  (17) posted on 07.13.2008

AK might be right..but who wants to see that happen?..It would be great if he could pull it off..hard work pays..

notjustshrawan  (1022) posted on 07.13.2008

Or he will crash and burn. Hate to say it, but it might happen.

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