For all those who feared a Top Gear on NBC would be kinda stale (myself included), there’s some good news… NBC and the BBC have decided to go their separate ways. According to Jalopnik, the failure of Knight Rider turbo-boosted TG USA into the crapper.

But is no U.S. based Top Gear better than a lame Top Gear?

We may not have to answer that question because Top Gear’s own website is claiming that they are in negotiations with cable outlets for the show. According to the site, “BBC has decided to take the show to cable, where presenters’ funny mouths, from which often spill foul words, will be more at home.”

But that still doesn’t solve all the problems. Cable shows have smaller budgets than network shows, which could possibly reduce some of the fun.

Plus the problem with advertisers still remains. As we’re now seeing with the Top Gear Australia crew, not all the car companies want to play nice. Not only could problems arise from damage bills, but also from opinions given on cars. The original (British) Top Gear is somewhat immune to this because it is supported by TV license fees, but even it still has problems. In the latest series they actually had to buy a Dodge Charger from a dealership to do a test in the U.S. because Top Gear had been critical of Chrysler products in the past (usually car companies are happy to loan tester cars.)

So we could wind up with an under-funded and tongue-tied version of a great British show. As for the presenters, the BBC can likely still retain the line up of Adam Corolla, Eric Stromer and Tanner Foust from the pilot, but that could easily change too.

No matter what, as true car fans, we must have we must have faith in the franchise of our favorite show. Hopefully cable may be a good option for Top Gear, as long as it’s not Lifetime.


Source: Jalopnik

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  (43) posted on 12.14.2008

Throw it to the SPEED channel and see what they say, and if its going to be in california im sure there are tons of rich boys that would be willing to let foust flog their cars around the track to really see what it can do.

AK47  (1024) posted on 12.13.2008

Adam Corolla?! And he’s on Top Gear. oh! the irony.

AK47  (43) posted on 12.12.2008

just because knight rider ed, there going to pull the show???? WTF is that about, keep foust and drop the other 2 nimwits.

AK47  (19) posted on 12.12.2008

whats wrong with BBC america?? i mean really why not? no reason at all BBC america can not have an american oly show on it. that why it stays in house to ensure quality control as well as a manageable budget. but i dunno could be wrong..

Myles_Kornblatt  (169) posted on 12.12.2008

Then again, going to cable could always mean HBO or Showtime. If it comes to that, I’m suggesting a bikini-clad Danica Patrick for the Stig.

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