You think of a cheap sport car for you or your girlfriend? You need an old Honda Civic and some petrol in the tank for Canada. There Gulf Coast Motors can create a new and exciting sport car for you called " Vitesse."

Need a sport car?Try in Canada
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If you find a 1988-’91 Honda Civic Hatchback or a 1988-’91 Honda CRX this is all you need. The rest of the job is done by Gulf Coast Motors.The Civic Hatchback and CRX were retained as the donor vehicles because of their proven reliability, and the enormous amount of performance accessories available.

Need a sport car?Try in Canada
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If you want a coupe or a convertible you have to choose between these to cars. The basic coupe kit includes, front Clip (fenders and bumpers), rear clip (fenders and bumpers), hood, right and left door skins, right and left side skirts, and emblem. These will bring your old Honda more in the present time. With some money and you will be able to switch your Civic in a mysterious convertible ready to catch the envy and the eyes of your buddy.

You can visit Gulf Coast Motors page to find more info and all the pics with phase from the transformation.

Need a sport car?Try in Canada
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  (1211) posted on 12.16.2010

I rolled my eyes to this statement. You know what happened to hybrid? Ford bought the technology from Toyota. You know what’s going to happen with EV? Ford either going to play catch up or buy the technology from someone.

  (859) posted on 05.3.2010

Looks good but not it’s not that much appealing to be a sports car.

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