You won’t mistake it for Gran Turismo 5 or even Forza 3, but nevertheless the new Need for Speed: Nitro for the Nintendo Wii is about as fun a racing game can get. Sure, the graphics are nowhere near GT5-caliber but that’s not exactly what the Wii is all about. The Need for Speed: Nitro is about racing cars and having fun doing it, not racing them while gawking at the uberly-detailed graphics.

That being said, EA recently released the first batch of cars that are
scheduled to appear in the game. Like we said, don’t take it against these guys if the realism is not up to par with your standards. Take into account that with the Wii, it’s not entirely about the graphics, but more so, on the racing experience.

And if you know you’re video games, you know that when it comes to gaming experience, the Wii doesn’t take a backseat for anybody.


Source: Kotaku

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