We were graced with the Need for Speed franchise back in 1994. Back then the game was relatively simple and predictable. Choose from one of a few cars, and race similar cars around the track. The game went on that way until we got Need for Speed: High Stakes. Now this game was the first in the series to offer some kind of car customization, allowing players to customize the body of the vehicle. With each addition to the game series, car customization slowly evolved into something that was almost as fun to do as playing the game itself. If you’re like me and like to spend just as much time making your digital garage your very own, you’re going to salivate constantly watching this teaser video – and that’s certainly what it is – for the newest release of Need for Speed that is scheduled to drop on November 3rd.

Right away, we see some familiar options, like changing paint colors or adding various decals. But as the video goes on, we see that you can customize so much of the car that it is almost ridiculous. You can change out your mirrors, customize your trunk lid, fenders, rear quarters even the tail lights. We’re not talking customization like you see in Grand Theft Auto, for instance, but something out of this world. Similar to recent releases of Forza Motor Sports, you can change out engine components like the camshafts or things like the ECU.

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One of the best features – aside from being able to make unique vehicles – is the fact that you can tune just about any aspect of the vehicle you want. In the video, we see the player changing things like the brake bias and steering range. Meaning, as a digital gear head, you can finally design your car to be a drifting monster, or you can lower the center of gravity and get real life results for cornering grip and hole shots.

The video is only a couple minutes long, so obviously we haven’t seen everything the garage has to offer. I doubt they have let the cat out of the bag entirely, so I have a feeling the best is yet to come. Take a look at the video, and let us know what you think. Fair warning: Make sure you lay a few napkins on your keyboard first, because you’ll be drooling 30 seconds in. Enjoy!

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