• Need Some Juice In Your Future AMG Hybrid? Just Do a Few Drifts

Apparently, drifting will charge the batteries of your AMG

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Electrification gradually spreads throughout the entire performance spectrum of cars. The latest to succumb to the trend are the cars from the AMG lineup. We already know a lot about the E-Performance system, which Mercedes AMG introduced about a month ago. Although the company will still use the V-8 in their higher-end models, we know the new AMG C63 will now have a modified version of the M139 unit, used in the A45S. The difference here is the turbocharger, which is electric, similarly to the one in the AMG One. It seems, however, AMG is trolling us with an interesting feature.

Need Some Juice In Your Future AMG Hybrid? Just Do a Few Drifts
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The new hybrid powertrain is made to be highly efficient when it comes to energy recuperation. The specialists from Affalterbach have made sure that no energy is wasted. In addition to having a seamless brake recuperation, Jochen – the man in charge of AMG’s hybrid development – says that you can also recuperate energy while drifting.

Moreover, when you lay off the throttle, the ICE will no longer take away the power like an anvil. Instead, the electric system will take some of the load from the engine, storing it in the battery, thus charging it.
Need Some Juice In Your Future AMG Hybrid? Just Do a Few Drifts
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To recap, the new AMG GT four-door E-Performance will come with 804 horsepower (600 kilowatts) and 738 pound-feet (1,001 Nm), while the AMG C63 E-Performance will have a combined power output of just over 650 horsepower (485 kilowatts). Essentially, you’ll have more than enough power to…charge the batteries.

It sounds like the best worse excuse ever, and we love it. AMG’s transition to a hybrid architecture certainly sparked a debate, but we are glad their cars will still have some of that AMG craziness in them.

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