All around the world gas prices are increasing day by day, due to some country’s hidden agenda, personal needs of a petrol tycoon, etc. Some auto-makers like Toyota, Honda or others started thinking towards the future. Therefore the hybrid car was created. The average buyer of these cars are not only environmentalists as seen in early days. Medium class working people, witch can afford the purchase of a new vehicle do not hesitate to buy fuel-efficient cars.

If you are interested on buying a hybrid car, TopSpeed offers you the following information that will help you navigate through the growing fuel-efficient car market.


  • This type of car is known as Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV). It runs on two engines. One combustion engine and one electric engine. This allows the driver to switch between the two whenever one of them is not in its basic parameters(no gas, or low power).

  • If needed both of the engines will work simultaneously. For example when needed to accelerate on an expressway. This will create more power that either the electric or combustion engine can generate alone.

  • You should know how to speak “Hybrid”. Fuel-efficient car-dealers have their own language, so you if you decide to buy one, you better start learning it. For instance you should know that a hybrid car has a 90% lower emission rate that the traditional ones. They are also known as Ultra-Low Emission vehicle.

  • Before buying the hybrid car, you should take into account what type of driver you are. If you often use the highway, than fuel savings will be very low. On the other hand if you often drive in the city, in dense traffic or in circumstances that require you to stop and start, your wallet will probably get a lot thicker due to fuel savings. In these types of driving conditions, the vehicle only uses the electrical engine if used at low RPM’s.

  • Do your research on the web before buying one. Go to manufacturer’s website and find all the information you need, such as repair shops, vehicle maintenance requirements and other such information that is specific to hybrid cars.

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