Over the week-end, a picture of what was thought to be the new Dodge Ram surfaced on the internet, first on a Dodge forum site and then more broadly.
Dodge has now given up and posted that picture on its own site, ending speculation and confirming that this is the new 2008 Dodge Ram pick-up. 
The restyled truck has a much sleeker look than the Ram it replaces and, for that matter, than its competitors. Eschewing the chunky look that the Ram originally pioneered and others, particularly Ford and Toyota, followed, the new Ram maintains the aggressive grill and front-end treatment, but without the seeming bulk and heaviness of the pontoon-style front fenders of the prior model. 
Though echoing the front fender crease in the rear fender seems, at first, superfluous, the move does add both continuity and an appearance of length to the visual line of the vehicle, from the side and from the three-quarter view.
The web page also shows available accessories, including iPod integration and interface available from the dealer, as well as hands-free Bluetooth capability. 
The first look, at least, suggests that Cerberus and Bob Nardelli may just have something to cheer about in the coming year, provided they can get the truck into production and dealer showrooms in sufficient quantity. 

Source: Mopar Accessories

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SpikeX5  (60) posted on 12.11.2007

I would say Ya! indeed

SpikeX5  (3) posted on 12.10.2007

does any one know if this new front end will be seen on the other dodge vehicles, such as their charger, or Durrango?

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