New Audi RS6 Avant Plus to debut in 2011

2008 Audi RS6 Avant
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Due to a leak of informations in the Audi plant we found out that the more potent ”Plus” version of the Audi RS6 is going to be introduced at the end of its production, somewhere in 2011. Like the previous version the RS6 Plus will deliver more power than the standard version which delivers 580 hp.

The previous RS6 Plus was powered by a 480 hp engine, with 30 hp more than the standard. The new generation will deliver around 610+ if we consider that a minimum 30 hp will be added to the engine. Also, the production of the vehicle will be limited to 1000 units.

Before the arrival of the RS6 Plus we expect an answer from the other two important German manufacturers, Bmw and Mercedes, with their next-generation M5 and E63 saloons.


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  (1024) posted on 05.15.2008

Well, thats stupid considering that the R8 has only 420hp and it is a supercar. Even the RS4 can keep up with it because the two cars share the same engine. Audis engine choices are never the smartest ones. Why don’t you label this a supercar, lower the price of the R8 and sell it for 40 grand?

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