Bentley is already working at the next generation Arnage that will be launched in 2010. A true Rolls-Royce beater, the 2010 Arnage will be priced at around £180,000 for the base version, and rise to in excess of £200,000 for the W16-engined Arnage T version.

The new Arnage will be even bigger than the model it’s set to replace. The increased length will ensure the new range-topper provides limousine levels of space inside. And for the first time ever, bosses are considering the possibility of using a diesel in the Arnage.

Also rumors say that the W16 engine from the Bugatti Veyron supercar is also under consideration for the big Bentley. It would be most suited to the range-topping Arnage T model, and have enough power to propel the four-door from 0-62mph in well under five seconds.


Source: AutoExpress

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