It looks like some information may have been leaked about BMW’s 7 Series flagship model for 2016. According to Bimmer Today, the online configurator for the BMW 7 Series on has revealed that BMW will offer a M760Li model for 2016. Apparently, some 2015 models – when properly built in the configurator – will display a new M760Li badge on the rear deck lid.

So, if this information is correct, it looks like there will be an M Performance variant of the 760 next year, powered by a revised version of BMW’s V-12 engine. It’s expected that the 760 will only be offered with a longer wheelbase, but we don’t expect to see the official debut until sometime near the end of next year. That means there is a lot of time for things to change. To the best of our knowledge, the range-topping model of the 7 Series should go for somewhere in the area of $150,000. But, should the configurator be correct, an M-variant of the 760 could go for a little more.

The M760Li will obviously come standard with the M Performance package, but don’t lose hope for a non-performance based model. The V-12 can easily be adapted to provide more or less power depending on the model, which means there could also be a purely luxury-based version of the 760 as well. So is this just a hoax in hopes of getting people excited? Well, I set out to take a look at the configurator on myself.

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Why it matters

I can’t say with 100 percent certainty whether the whole M760i is a hoax or not. For all we know, some programmer could have made a small error and accidentally dropped the ball – leaking a model to come. It could also be someone playing with Photoshop, simply making their own M760i badge and tricking us all. When I looked at the configurator on (big thanks to Google Chrome for translating,) I attempted to configure several different 7 Series models – including the 740i, 740Li, 750i, and 750Li. I tried equipping various options – including the M Sports package – but never actually saw the M760Li badge. Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean this whole thing is a hoax – BMW could have easily had their online programmer “fix the leak.” Besides, the leak was said to be found with certain 2015 models under a specific configuration, so maybe I just missed it. Despite not being able to find proof myself, I still lean toward the fact that it is true, and an M760i will debut sometime next year. If this is a hoax, however, I would like to give kudos to the father. It would be a creative way to convince BMW to give us what we want, wouldn’t it?

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Source: BimmerToday

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