We don’t know if there’s anything more sickening than crashing your car merely minutes after leaving the dealership. You spend thousands of dollars on a new set of wheels and you should be on top of the world, right?

New car owner crashed brand-new Ford GT
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This guy from Houston should be ecstatic. He just bought a 2009 Ford GT and was on his to brag to his buddies about his new ride when he inexplicably crashed his car on a telephone pole. The GT, which we can imagine still had that unmistakeable smell of a brand-new vehicle, sustained significant damage on the front.

We don’t know what the guy was doing when he collided with the pole but we’re certain that he probably wasn’t concentrating on the road. Maybe he was on the phone and bragging to his buddies about his new GT.

We can all take a good lesson from this unfortunate fellow. When you buy a car, it’s always a smart idea to bring it home first before deciding to crash it – on a telephone pole, no less.


Source: Wrecked Exotics

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  (939) posted on 02.10.2010

oh well if he can’t get a brand new one, why not buying instead a Mustang GT as an alternative?

  (1) posted on 08.6.2009

despite this being poorly written, I have some bad news:

they stopped making the ford GT in 2006, so there’s no way this guy had a "brand-new 2009 Ford GT".

I expect more from TopSpeed.

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