The Citroen 2CV is a classic French automobile, just this past September at the Frankfurt Motor Show we saw the Citroen Revolte concept, a design that would preview the rebirth of the legendary Citroen. It would appear that the concept stuck because the French automaker has announced plans to introduce a compact hatchback called DS2 for 2012 with the same spirit of the original 2CV.

As opposed to the concept, the road going DS2 will feature a more conventional double-chevron Citroen grill as well as larger headlights and a bit narrower track. Although the future car’s bonnet creases, arching roofline and flat back end remain reminiscent of the classic 2CV. The DS2 will be built on the current Citroen C3 platform and will make use of the same engines, the range will include a few fuel efficient three cylinder petrol motors as well as a 70 HP 1.4 Liter HDi diesel version.


Source: AutoExpress

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