A few new details have surfaced surrounding the future Toyota-Subaru compact sports car. Apparently the vehicle’s official debut will be made at the end of 2011, however it will be powered by a smaller engine than originally anticipated in order to reduce emissions and increase fuel efficiency.

Under the hood the automakers will keep the 2.0 Liter boxer engine, except that instead of having 200 direct injected horses on tap, at the moment it will only make 160 HP, some 40 HP less than previously anticipated. The gears will initially still be shifted by a 6 speed manual transmission with an automatic version being offered later on.

One of the future AE86’s keys to success is a lightweight fun to drive formula, so weight for the future Toyobaru sport compact is expected to be around 1200 kg. The engineers will have to keep off every unnecessary pound in order to get the most out of the detuned power plant.


Source: 7tune

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Uncia  (868) posted on 08.4.2009

Every time I see a rendering of this car, it looks totally different. The stats being tossed about, however, are consistent, and I like it.

They should give it targa roof and supercharger options, too.

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