The European Ford Fiesta is set to make its way to the United States of America according to the Detroit News. The Ford Motor Company is making a great move by bringing this quality economny vehicle to the states. This move was made in order to "move toward greater communization on products on both sides of the Atlantic."

In addition to the Fiesta, there may also be the Ford Mondeo sedan which could be brought over to the United States. Ford Europes Chairman has stated that there is interest of bringing over the newly designed Ford Mondeo over to the Unite States but "not anytime soon."
When could Ford possibly bring the new Mondeo over to the United States? Booth wants the new Mondeo to go through a full product cycle , as Ford of Europe has done with the Fiesta, so that Ford could bring the Mondeo here more efficiently.

What does this mean for Ford of America? A more than likely increase in the automotive line- both automobiles the Fiesta and Mondeo are fresh European based models that will do well in their European based countries in addition to the United States. Bring them on Ford.


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  (6023) posted on 03.18.2008

I owned a German Fiesta in Germany as a young Lieutenant in the ’80’s a great car. I then purchase two Festiva’s here in the US. It was a shame when the stopped making them. I’ll be the first to get hsicar when it arrives.

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