We already knew that the Volkswagen Eos was going to be getting GTI power, but now it looks like the people’s automaker could be upgrading the bubbly hard top convertible’s looks along the lines of the New Compact Coupe.

When VW introduced the Eos, named after the mythological Greek goddess of dawn and wind, back in 2006 the German design team was looking for a replacement for the fun loving Golf based drop top Cabrio. So when the new Eos first debuted as the Concept C it was given a friendly face filled with warm round features to continue what the former cabriolet had started. This rendering takes the unique retractable hard top Volkswagen in an all new aggressive direction inspired by the Compact Coupe and the sixth generation GTI.

When VW introduces a new convertible, it traditionally consists of a new front clip, from the front fenders forward, being grafted onto the existing model featuring updated lighting and a few new design cues. While this rendering follows the cost effective production convertible trend, it also adds a few touches from its luxury car cousins at Audi. So aside from the sleek LED headlamps framed by a pair of sharp points that continued the edges of the hood extending down on either side of the grill, larger openings in the front bumper and pronounced lip spoiler; this updated Eos incorporates the four ring automaker’s tornado line running along the car’s belt line as well as a set of slick triple spoke rollers.

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Something has changed at VW, and it seems to be all the merit of Walter Da Silva, which is since 2007 responsible for their designs. The new Polo is a hit, and European car of the year for merit. The recently shown Compact Coupe Concept has the same clean lines with a touch of sportiness. We can imagine starting from this the future EOS, a slightly larger, more luxurious coupe cabriolet, borrowing also maybe something from the Blue Sport Concept. The rear side for this new generation could be slimmer and better proportioned due to a 3-piece folding metal roof.

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  (666) posted on 03.24.2010

Cool cabrio. GTI performance will surely fit on it’s look. BTW, it’s front end does look like the audi’s front end.

  (780) posted on 02.1.2010

So I guess they really have to thank Walter Da Silva for creating very successful designs for the company. I like the changes that they made. For the 2006 version, the rear looked like an Altis to me but for this new one, it seems unique.

  (1332) posted on 02.1.2010

well that’s a good news from VW, good thing that they’ll put an GTI performance over the EOS. they should soon bring the EOS to production and surely many wont hesitate to get their hands on this baby.

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