Looking for some inspiration to work harder on a daily basis? We have the perfect answer to that right here. Ferrari have released their official 2011 calendars in two variations – one dedicated to their Classic GT Cars and the other to the 2010 Scarlet F1 race cars. This is the 27th incarnation of the famed, functional wall art, shot by none other than Günther Raupp. With it being an official licensed product, you can be sure that the quality will be right up there in terms of print, photography, and design. We’re not certain of pricing yet, but expect to pay in the region of $89.99 (it is Ferrari after all!). Even at that price, what could possibly be better than looking at a different Ferrari each month, every time you plan anything? Now that’s what we call a daily incentive guaranteed to make you put in the extra effort to get one of these machines parked in your driveway!

Check out the tasty preview in the gallery provided.


Source: Autodesign

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