New Ferrari Commercial Turns it Up

New Ferrari Commercial Turns it Up

Ferrari and Lamborghini both make amazing exotic racecars, but does one do something better than the other? Check out this new Ferrari commercial and you may agree with me that Ferrari definitely makes more exciting commercials. Within this commercial the viewer gets treated to a cinematic experience of Ferrari F1 cars from the past 60 years. My favorite part has to be when the F1 racecar blows by the Ferrari 612 Scaglietti and sets the alarm off. Turn up the volume when you watch this one.

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Ferrari330P4  (36) posted on 03.31.2007

Also, my favorite part was when the 312B scared the $#!^ out of that asian woman!

Ferrari330P4  (36) posted on 03.31.2007

yes one does something better than the other:

Ferrari: wins races in all types of racing

Ferrari: doesn’t get buyers because the doors open another way

Ferrari: changes the basic design of their cars over the years

Ferrari: offers racing versions of cars to customers

oh wait I forgot to include Lamborghini:

Lamborghini: makes tractors

great video!

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