Just after the announcement that Ferrari would show the Ferrari F430 CS at the Frankfurt Auto Show, Ferrari Boss Luca di Montezemolo revealed official photos of the race bred F430 CS and she is quite the beauty.

The F430 Challenge Stradale is due this year and it is going to tarnish your favorite grandmother dishes with more speed than its sibling the F430 with improved performance through an Italian car weightloss program known as carbon fiber lightweight components. Ferrari boss Luca also tells media that the F430 CS will "V8 and F1 technology" keeping racing enthusiasts drivers more please than dinner at a Cipriani restaurant.

All great news indeed considering that the new Ferrari F430 Challenge Stradale will have to compete with the newly released Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggra. In order to do so, the Challenge Stradale will have "a total of 225 kg stripped" from the regular F430 resulting in a lower weight of 1225 kg. More specifically, there will be a lighter exhaust, windscreen, and carbon fiber intake plenum cover.

Appearance wise, the F430 CS shouldn’t change to much from the race version CS. Take a look at the photos above strip off the racing logos , and add some italian logos such as the ones seen on the F360 Modena Challenge Stradale.Now the only question left, is which car will be harder to get the Lambo or thte Ferrari?

Source: www.carmagazine.co.uk

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