Could be another Special Projects vehicle that’s tied into Ferrari’s 70th anniversary?

Patent and trademark filings are usually dipped in semblances of curiosity for both the potential they offer and disappointments that can come when they don’t come to pass. All of that means little when you’re talking about a company like Ferrari that’s known for following through on the patents it files, at least in one form or another.

That’s a big reason why these new patent design the Italian automaker reportedly filed with the European Union Intellectual Property Office back in August 2016 makes for an intriguing evidence of a new Ferrari that could be released this year. After all, the Prancing Horse is celebrating its 70th anniversary in 2017 and the company has made it clear that it’s got big plans in store for its seventh decade of existence.

The patent itself doesn’t reveal much regarding details, but it does mention the design of the car was penned by no less than Flavio Manzoni, Ferrari’s head of design. That’s an obvious indicator of this patent being Ferraris. Then there’s the design of the car itself, which looks to be based largely on the Ferrari LaFerrari. Sure, there are some differences in styling between this design and the sold out hybrid supercar – the headlights, the side profile, and the rear section, among them – but the overarching proportions are definitely there to warrant a legitimate comparison between the two models.

So does this patent point to a special edition version of the Ferrari LaFerrari? If it is, the money would be on this model being a part of Ferrari’s Special Projects division, which itself has been busy releasing recent beauties like the Ferrari J50 and the SP275 RW Competizione. Considering the unique position that Ferrari is in this year, don’t put it past the Italian automaker to have a surprise in store with this new patent design.

The only thing we can be sure of is that this car, if it ends up being included in the Italian automaker’s 70th anniversary celebrations, will show its face at some point this year. That, in itself, should get you excited about this patent.

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Is this another one of Ferrari’s SP division project?

New Ferrari Patents Point To An Upcoming Supercar
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When you look at the current and unique circumstances that Ferrari is in this year, it would certainly make sense for this patent to come out and make everyone start talking about what it could mean. I already mentioned that the Italian automaker is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year, but it’s also worth mentioning that a few months ago, Ferrari announced plans for a massive celebration that could see the introduction of an assault of special edition cars throughout the year.

Could this patent filing then be one of those special edition Ferraris that’s scheduled to be released this year as part of the company’s 70th-anniversary celebration? My money’s on “yes, it is,” which in turn should shed some clarity on why the patent filings for this car were released this week.

Now, the most important question is this: what kind of car is it?

Judging by the way the car is designed, some elements remind us of the LaFerrari, including its overall shape. In addition to that, the front air vents and the front splitter also have similarities to the LaFerrari, although the ones on the design look to be thicker versions than what the LaFerrari has. The closed cockpit interior is also similar between the two models, as is the side profile, which merely has a different interpretation of a similar layered design styling that was one of the key elements of the LaFerrari’s looks. Arguably the biggest difference between this patent filing and the actual LaFerrari is the makeup of the rear section. The shape may best similar, but the makeup of the taillights and the exhaust tips on the patent are dramatically different from what the LaFerrari has.

So what do we make of this patent filing? I’d like to think that it’s a special edition Ferrari that the Prancing Horse has been developing to celebrate its 70th anniversary. I’m not as sure about the technical details, but that’s Ferrari’s problem to worry about.

All I know is that the Italian automaker has made extravagant plans to celebrate its 70th anniversary. Launching a car like this as part of its celebration would certainly be a fitting way to celebrate this incredible milestone.

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