New Ferrari spied again - 599 Spider? Dino?

New Ferrari spied again - 599 Spider? Dino?
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Last month we got a spy shot of a possible Ferrari 599 Spider that was spotted last summer. Now it seems that car is still alive and out for testing in this new spy shot.

This is proof that Ferrari is working on something new, but is it a 599? maybe the rumored but unseen Dino? What is known is that Ferrari has got something new on its hands, and it’s keeping this car a secret.

The car in this shot has a 599 GTB Fiorano body, but there are some subtle differences. There is a cut in the roofline at the A-pillar possibly for a convertible top (or maybe even targa roof or a sliding glass roof like the Superamerica.) The 599 double C-pillar could also mask the shape of a modified roofline.

Depending on what is being tested here could mean two very different sports cars. If this is a 599, then it would likely come with the car’s 200+ mph V12 engine. If this is a Dino, it the engine could have as little as half of the cylinders as the 599. When Enzo Ferrari came out with the first Dino in the late 1960s (as it’s own brand named after his dead son,) it had six cylinders. At the time, Enzo declared that all Ferraris with fewer than twelve cylinders would be called ‘Dino’.


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