Just get the Bronco out already, Ford!

Ford is doing everything under the sun to hype the upcoming Bronco that’s set to be unveiled in less than a week. The company has been posting pictures and videos on its Instagram handle, revealing something new every day.

Now Ford has posted a video on YouTube that reveals the Bronco almost entirely. The video shows the Bronco in its comfort zone – the wild and the woods – and further cements its credibility as a hardcore off-roader.

Another Day, Another Exciting Video

New Ford Video Gives Us Our Best Look Yet at the Bronco
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The clip is voiced by Bryan Cranston of the Breaking Bad fame. You can see the first-gen Bronco sprinting between a string of ponies. As soon as it goes past the ponies, you see a glimpse of the 2021 Bronco from the front. The Bronco can then be seen in the woods, in the same yellow shade that we’ve seen in the other posts on social media as well.

There is a cameo by the Bronco Sport for a split second as well. In the end, Ford showcases the front wheel and the different colors of the Bronco while driving through the beaten path. The video ends with the image that showcases the silhouettes of all the three body styles of the Bronco – two-door, four-door, and the Sport.

Where And When Can You Watch The 2021 Bronco’s Unveiling?

New Ford Video Gives Us Our Best Look Yet at the Bronco
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The Bronco is all set to be unveiled on 13 July 2020, at 2000 hours EDT. Ford will be revealing the Bronco on all of Disney’s media network, including ABC, ESPN, National Geographic, and Hulu. Furthermore, it will be streamed on Ford’s YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter channels in a more elaborate manner. Three custom videos will be made available on Hulu on 14 July.

Final Thoughts

New Ford Video Gives Us Our Best Look Yet at the Bronco
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As I’ve mentioned in previous articles, Ford has done a fantastic job of teasing the Bronco so far. There is enough reveal and suspense every day to keep us hooked on to the Bronco news and wait for the next post to be uploaded. What do you think about this video? Let us know in the comments section below.

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