The DLC adds a completely new map and extra content

Following in the same tactic it used for the previous Horizon game, the developer will launch DLCs that include new content and a new map for players to explore; Forza Horizon received three such DLCs, and now the first one for Horizon 4 is out. It’s called Fortune Island and is available to download now

Forza Horizon 4 Fortune Island

The big news here is obviously the addition of the island itself, which adds not only more terrain and roads to drive on, but also new vehicles and event types. Barn finds have been replaced with finding treasure chests, but the mechanics of how you find them have remained unchanged.

Developers have added a total of 10 treasure chests for players to find around this new map - the reason is the map’s pirate island theme full of ruins and old villages. The map not only caters for on-road drivers (there’s even a very nice twisty mountain road that could be used for hillclimb purposes - the Needle Climb) but also for those who will do anything to stay off the tarmac.

In fact, Fortune Island is perhaps a bit more biased towards off-road driving, packing extreme terrain collectibles scattered all around to increase the incentive to roam around and explore. There are also forests to drive through and even an old abandoned village that’s partly sunken.

Aside from the map itself having a unique visual style and surprising diversity in what is a fairly small overall surface, the new weather added certainly gives it a unique feel. At specific parts of the day, players will see the game’s skybox lit up by very believable and realistic looking Aurora Borealis.

Other additions are the new Trailblazer PR stunts, as well as ten new vehicles that are quite different and varied. The big news seems to be the new Lamborghini Urus (the game had an older version of it, based on the initial concept). Other new models include:

YouTubers who play Forza Horizon 4 and know it well seem to be quite pleased with the DLC and thus far they haven’t really found anything major to criticize about it. The Fortune Island DLC will be added to the game for free (both on Xbox and PC) for players who own the Ultimate Edition, Ultimate Add-Ons Bundle or Expansion Bundle. For those who only have the core game, they’ll have to pay $20 or €20 depending on where they’re purchasing it from.

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