Answer: the UAW worker.
It was the UAW that backed the highly liberal leadership of the House and Senate, begging Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid to stick it to the car companies by making a 35 mpg fuel economy standard the law in 2020 and making it the rule for trucks, as well.
Of course, the Republican president that set this feeding frenzy off in his State of the Union speech in January deserves a large chunk of the credit, too. It’s no wonder that Republicans feel homeless these days.
And the people that want to sell you Corvettes and Cadillac’s, where were they?
Doing their damnedest to conserve the losses, so they could pump the money into China.
Anyone that thinks that progress has been made by the politically expedient deal reached in Congress this past week-end is a fool. Whether you buy into the notion that this is the demise of the auto industry in America – a view espoused, with much justification, at the Truth About Cars over the week-end – or whether you play the Robert Lutz Pollyanna role,
The fact remains that you – the guy and gal who loves cars – just got screwed.
You got screwed by people who don’t know that you exist.
But if you got screwed, they – the carmakers and the rank and file at the UAW - got screwed more: because you’re the buyer.
And, if you don’t buy, they don’t eat.
The basic common theme between the automakers and the politicians has always been that you’d take whatever they’d give you. So, if it was crappy cars – tough. If it was having your taxes ratcheted into the stratosphere to pay for their corrupt “earmarks,” tough.
When you come right down to it, the deal that’s been reached between the liberal Democrats that hate cars, the Republican president that doesn’t even know there are cars, and the carmakers who’d dearly love to be in some other business, leaves you with this:
Thanks to all of them, 
You at least know where you stand.
Mr. Barnum, at least, allowed those who weren’t born on the minute the benefit of the doubt.
But, there might be an opportunity in here.
The news today says that the founders of Google are going into the energy business.
Maybe they’d be willing to do cars, too.

What do you think?
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"It was the UAW that backed the highly liberal leadership of the House and Senate"

While it might have been the UAW, it was the workers...

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