Next year Mercedes will unveil a facelift version for the C-Class, but, in 2014, the company will bring us a new generation sedan. The unveiling of the F800 concept at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show was said to be a preparation for the models to come, so many anticipated that the next generation C-class would bear a small resemblance to that concept. From the photos shown here, however, it seems that the F800’s futuristic design will be left for the sedan version of the new B-class that we imagine would appeal to a new group of buyers leaving the C-class to the more conservative ones.

The future generation C-Class will measure 4.66 meters in length and will borrow all the innovative safety from the new E-Class. It will be launched with a wide range of direct injection engines and a twin turbo. A hybrid version will probably follow in 2015. The future C-Class will be offered in sedan, estate, coupe and convertible versions.


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  (683) posted on 02.20.2011

On the Second Generation C Class they skipped a lot of real world tests in favor of computer modeling. Apparently it didn’t work out as well, and so while computers are a valuable asset the current C was tested extremely thoroughly in the real world.

  (402) posted on 02.20.2011

I think most of MBs problems are behind it, and were from the early 2000s. Oddly it all started with MB going cheaper with the brand new C Class in the 1990s.

  (518) posted on 04.12.2010

I agree for them to keep their marketing running and on time. plus they are waiting for the release of the competitors.

  (798) posted on 04.12.2010

@ anthonyevers37 - these are for marketing reasons.

  (1023) posted on 04.12.2010

Ouch why does it took long for the MB to release the C-Class though. They are ready to release it?

  (1333) posted on 04.11.2010

I find it difficult to be attracted byupcoming Merc design studies. To me, the designs don’t describe the quality and comfort Mercs uphold.

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